Providing logistics services

Providing logistical services to the customer and preparing the necessary documents for export


Providing the customer's needs and desires

Providing the customer’s needs and desires regarding dates and their derivatives at the best price and high quality


Inspecting all types of products

Examining all types of products in accredited agricultural laboratories to ensure that the required specifications and standards are met


Providing free consultations

Providing free consultations through the specialized work team with the aim of contributing to achieving the greatest benefit for the client


Concluding agreements with date factories

Packing according to customer requirements and constant attention to our customers


After-sales service

Providing all necessary date products to companies and associations

نبذة عننا

An elite team of farmers and consultants interested in palm trees and their manufacturing derivatives for more than 15 years. It was established through cooperation with agricultural cooperatives that are interested in providing the necessary support to farmers, including technical consultations and logistical support to ensure the achievement of the required agricultural standards and guidance in agricultural spending.

Years of experience

High quality

Ongoing support

After sales service

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